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CAC Transition Activities

Interest-based technical assistance is available to help your CAC with...
  • offering transition training that includes all stakeholders- parents, studnets, teachers, counselors, general education teachers, special education teachers, workability, service providers, community organizations
  • teaching skills in self-determination and self-advocacy
  • creating opportunities for student self-advocacy and self-determination
  • measuring the value and quality of transition services for students and families
  • disseminating information and resources about the transition process



Learning Disabilities Collaborative Action Network (LDCAN)


The employment rate of working-age adults with disabilities continues to be dramatically below that of other adults despite civil rights legislation and various initiatives to improve education and increase employment and earnings. The most recent survey conducted by Louis Harris and Associates (2000) indicates that only 29% of persons with disabilities, aged 18-65, are employed full or part-time.

The ultimate intent of special education services is to prepare students for postsecondary employment and independent living. Too many of our children with disabilities are leaving high school unprepared for the challenges of adult living. Transition is about linking the student's post high school goals with the requisite skills, education, and resources to help him/her achieve those goals.

Be a parent leader in your community and empower other parents by starting a LEAD program.

Steps your CAC can take right now...
Disseminate information and resources about the transition process.
Provide workshops and presentations to students and families on self-advocacy and self-determination.
Support a community-based LEAD group.
Provide Student-directed IEP and 504 Plan workshops for students and families.
Develop tools to measrue the value and quality of transition planning and outcomes.

Interest-based workshops and presentations...
Student-directed IEP and 504 Plans
The Power of Section 504
Strategies for IEP and 504 Plan Meetings
LEAD: Preparing Students with Disabilities to Self-Advocate
LEAD: Starting a Community-based LEAD Program
Strategies for Behavior Plan Meetings
Strategies for Transition Planning

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