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7 Keys to IEP and 504 Meetings

The Section 504 Plan

Conflict & Collaboration

Effective Transition Planning, Implementation, and Advocacy

Grassroots Advocacy: Becoming an Agent of Change

IDEIA 2004

LEAD: Preparing Students with Disabilities to Self-Advocate for Classroom Accommodations and Modifications

LEAD: Unstupify Them

Modifications and Accommodations: More than Just Sitting at the Front of the Room

The Power of Section 504

Strategies for Your Next IEP or 504 Meeting

Student-directed IEP and 504 Plan Meetings

The IEP Process

Individual Needs Assessment Protocol (INAP)

Interest-based Technical Assistance Presentations...

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SARB:  School Attendance Review Board
Permissive Discrimination under Section 504:  Decisions our Schools are Making
FAPE under IDEA and Section 504
Section 504 and Substantial Limitation
LRE under IDEA and Section 504
Cultural and Linguistic Diversity and Disporportionality
Understanding Behavior Plans
Detention, Suspension, Expulsion, and Manifestation Determinations
The Right to Learn:  How Parents and CACs can Make a Difference
ED, Bipolar, Section 504, and IDEA
FAS, Section 504, and IDEA
Anatomy of a Case File:  Your Child's School Records

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"If You Don't Teach Me the Way I Learn, You Are not Teaching Me"

A one-day workshop with facilitated discussion and simulations to acquire skills and strategies to teach and engage students with disabilities that impact learning.
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