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The California Department of Education* provided, through a collaborative process, the essential components of a model Community Advisory Committee. 


This site provides the resources and technical assistance for your CAC to become a model site without the intervention of the CDE.  It is the opportunity to use parent-based expertise to create a model CAC that...


  • promotes and enhances family participation
  • provides access to individuals of diverse disabilities and diverse cultures
  • collaborates with Family Resource Centers, Family Empowerment Centers, and Parent Information and Training Centers
  • includes parents as trainers
  • promotes parent-teacher collaboration and partnership
  • provides networking opportunities
  • offers support for a community-based LEAD program
  • emphasizes student and parent knowledge of ADA, Section 504 and transition for improved postsecondary outcomes
  • emphasizes student and parent knowledge of IDEA and Section 504 for improved educational outcomes
  • participates in CAC development activities
  • regularly disseminates information to the community
  • increases outreach to underserved families and children
  • creates avenues for increased parent and student involvement in CAC
  • becomes a member of the California Community Advisory Committee-Parent Leadership Coalition

Our Mission

Promoting Partnerships and Collaboration through Interest-based Technical Assistance.

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*This site is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the California Department of Education or its assigns.  Details of the collaboration can be found at

A Model Site will...
  • demonstrate data growth of "all students"
  • demonstrate a history of effective partnerships with families, students, community, business, service agencies, family centers, disability support groups and organizations, teachers and staff
  • provide evidence of inclusivity; professional parent, student, and community learning communities; and strong leadership
  • demonstrate educational collaboration through outreach, training, and follow-up
  • demonstrate best practices and evidence-based practice
  • demonstrate consistent and effective community outreach

Interest-based technical assistance...
Interest-based technical assistance is from parents, by parents, for parents.  This form of assistance helps parents, families, and students participate more fully and effectively to make informed-decisions regarding the education of students with disabilities that impact learning.
The resources offered on this website are focused on the needs of CACs and the communities they serve.  The parent trainers referenced on this site have been actively involved in local CACs and/or on the state level committees that emphasize the special needs of students with IEPs and 504 plans.
The local CAC can, and should be, the first resource parents, students, families, schools, and communities come to for meetings, trainings, printed materials, referrals, resources, and ongoing support.  It should be a strong and knowledgeable voice on behalf of the special population it serves.

*Click here for information on the collaborative process.

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