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California Advocates

Our Mission

Why California Advocates?

Our Purpose

The purpose of CA Advocates is to increase the recognition and response to our common interests and goals as Special Educational Needs Consultants. We are seeking individuals who are interested in becoming SENC's and can be added as new referrals so we will be able to grow and expand our efforts to help families and students.

Our Mission

"The Advocate's Advocate"
Our mission is to further promote the efficacy and value of California Advocates to our respective communities and other professionals. We strive to make a difference by educating the public, expanding our outreach efforts, and by participating in our ongoing Professional Development Study Groups.

Serving families and students needing knowledge and support for IEPs and 504 plans.

"The Advocate's Advocate" for Professional Development                  www.CAAdvocates.com     
Professional Development for Special Educational Needs Consultants and non-attorney advocates who provide Special Education and Section 504 services and advocacy for parents, students, families.                     
Claudia Lowe, J.D., SENC --  The information provided via e-mails, websites, and other
communications are educational and not intended as legal or medical advice.