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California Advocates
Calendar of Events

Events and activities...

For the general public

to be announced

Please contact us if you would like to be a part of CA Advocates.

For CA Advocates only

to be announced
Meeting agenda always includes adding referral information to CA Advocates website.  In the interest of time, updates and changes will be made for, and by those, who attend the meetings.
Please forward to other CA non-attorney advocates who may be interested in participating in this group.  Please note that changes are always possible with this group.  So e-mail to confirm meetings.
Responsibility and liability for travel arrangements, overnight accommodations, or other arrangements for attending these meetings lies with the individual person who makes these arrangements on their own behalf. 

Prospective advocates are welcome to learn more about us by attending one of our general meetings.

Serving families and students needing knowledge and support for IEPs and 504 plans.

"The Advocate's Advocate" for Professional Development                  www.CAAdvocates.com     
Professional Development for Special Educational Needs Consultants and non-attorney advocates who provide Special Education and Section 504 services and advocacy for parents, students, families.                     
Claudia Lowe, J.D., SENC --  The information provided via e-mails, websites, and other
communications are educational and not intended as legal or medical advice.