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California Advocates
Article Bank

 This is where individuals, groups, and organizations can access articles to reprint in their newsletters.  Please observe the following guidelines for use...

Do you belong to CA Advocates and have attended our meetings?  Do you write articles?  If so, please submit to our Article Bank when you attend our next meeting.
Basic Guidelines for using articles...
Use article exactly as written.  If you need to edit for changes please contact the author directly for written permission.
At the end of the article, in addition to the author's acknowledgement, add the following:
Reprinted with permission from CA Adovcates Article Bank at www.CAAdvocates.com
Send a copy of the newsletter that contains the reprinted article from the Article Bank to CA Advocates and to the author of the article.
Thank you for your consideration of the Basic Guidelines.

Quick Helps

How to Start and Build Your Practice as a Non-attorney Advocate:

a series of articles for special education and Section 504 advocates

by Claudia Lowe, B.S.L., J.D.

~~soon to be released~~

Articles in the Article Bank are copyrighted by the individual authors.  The authors have given permission for their articles to be printed here for use by individuals, organizations, and groups for their newsletters who follow the Basic Guidelines outlined above.
CA Advocates are not responsible for how articles are used or own any rights to these articles.

Serving families and students needing knowledge and support for IEPs and 504 plans.

"The Advocate's Advocate" for Professional Development                  www.CAAdvocates.com     
Professional Development for Special Educational Needs Consultants and non-attorney advocates who provide Special Education and Section 504 services and advocacy for parents, students, families.                     
Claudia Lowe, J.D., SENC --  The information provided via e-mails, websites, and other
communications are educational and not intended as legal or medical advice.