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California Advocates

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Please contact us if you would like to be a part of CA Advocates.

Referral list, speakers bureau, and article bank guidelines:


Information on any CA Advocate, on this website, is changed at our Professional Development Study Group meetings by the respective advocates themselves.


Advocates who do not attend any meetings in a sixth month period are not included on this website.  Six month periods are defined as January to June and July to December.


Advocates are responsible for proofing their own entries upon submission, since advocates can only make corrections to their own entries and only at the next Professional Development Study Group meeting they attend.


A proof copy will be sent out to those on the list for proofreading and submission of any corrections, only in the case of technical difficulties.


CA Advocates is a no-budget, unstaffed, not-for-profit Professional Development Study Group, therefore, we are unable to make exceptions to these guidelines.


Serving families and students needing knowledge and support for IEPs and 504 plans.

"The Advocate's Advocate" for Professional Development                  www.CAAdvocates.com     
Professional Development for Special Educational Needs Consultants and non-attorney advocates who provide Special Education and Section 504 services and advocacy for parents, students, families.                     
Claudia Lowe, J.D., SENC --  The information provided via e-mails, websites, and other
communications are educational and not intended as legal or medical advice.