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K-12 CAMS for Students with IEPs or 504 Plans

K-12 CAMS (compensations accommodations, modifications, strategies) are more than just accommodations and modifications.

K-12 are applied and relevant adaptations, accommodations, modifications, supports, and services.

K-12 CAMS bridge the gap from class to class, grade to grade, school to school, and secondary to postsecondary settings (college, training, job, and career).

K-12 CAMS assist students in learning how they learn and identifying the appropriate supports and services for teaching and learning.

You don't  know how to teach a child unless you know how a child learns.

CAMS Process Part II



What are the abilities necessary for the task, activity, assignment?


What specific tasks or activities are problematic for the student?


What manifestations of the disability are inhibiting performance of the task, activity, assignment?


Are assessments necessary to determine appropriate CAMS?


Does the student understand how s/he learns?


Does the team and staff understand how the student learns?


What CAMS will reduce or eliminate problems or make specific tasks or activities less problematic for the student?


How can the task or activity be modified while preserving learning and mastery of essential standards?


Does the environment need to be modified?


If it is not possible to modify the task or activity or the environment what CAMS (such as AT) exist that would support the student with learning and mastery of the task or activity?



Follow up steps:


Are the CAMS or modification effective?  What expected results have they produced?


Was there proper training and education on the CAMS and the students disability for staff, parents, and/or student?


Are any other CAMS needed?



CAMS Process Part I


Make an appointment with a Special Educational Needs Consultant or Educational Strategist & Consultant for Part I of the CAMS Process.          www.claudialowejd.com

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